1. What if my loved one needs 24 hour care can you help?
A. Yes, we can provide 24 hour care with shifts and/ or live-in caregivers. Healing by Nature Senior Care, LLC specializes in providing assisted living in the comfort of your loved one’s home.

2. Do I need a doctor’s approval to utilize your services?
A. No. You have complete control on the decision regarding using our services.

3. What if I need to speak to someone in the office after business hours?
A. When the office is closed, there is always an on-call person available to assist you 365 days a year (including holidays), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The on-call person can be reached by phone, if you call  the main office number (850)296-5662.

4. What if I have a question or problem, whom should I contact?
A. Don’t hesitate to phone our office and speak with a staff member regarding any concerns or questions.

5. What if I have an appointment, can I make changes to the schedule?
A. Yes. We just request that you give us as a 48-hour notice.

To schedule a no-cost, no-obligation home visit to discuss how we can help your loved one stay safely and independently in their home, call us today at (850)296-5662. or submit a request for a personalized price quote.